Server imbalances do not belong to Burning Crusade Classic or WoW Classic. The stories are all over the internet about some servers from older MMORPGs being populated by nearly 90% Horde players, or conversely. When a server appears to be dominated by a particular faction, guilds belonging to the opposing faction and rather than suffer buy WoTLK Gold, opt to switch to a server with a healthier population balance. This is particularly important in PvP servers, where a healthy struggle between factions is crucial to the server's appeal.


Aggrend continues to provide an example of why trying to "fix" problems for specific categories of players with respect to server balance could unintentionally hurt the experience of more players rather than helping. He suggests the situation where one PvP server has a number of players which is 40% Alliance and 60% Horde. While most players would be happy, a subset of Alliance players don't like being outnumbered. If Blizzard to allow transfer of characters for free on this realm, those unhappy Alliance players would move to a server with more balance in population. However, the result could be that the server those players once lived on would become a 75 percent Horde server and the experience would be worse for those who were happy with the balance of their server.


"In the case above it is clear that doing something good-faithful to benefit the 20% who are unhappy could be more detrimental to the people than it helped cheap WoW WoTLK Classic Gold," Aggrend writes. "This is a major part of the dilemma and what causes us to invest a lot of time to look at issues before taking action that affect the realm's population and the balance between factions."