Yae Miko, a 5-star Electro character who made her debut in Genshin Shock update 2.5 and was a much-anticipated addition to the Teyvat universe, has reportedly returned. Yae, who is in charge of the Naruto Shrine, is equipped with a useful toolkit and strong elemental skills that turn foes to dust. Players can use this guide to make the best Yae Miko possible in Genshin Impact. To help Yae Miko develop her equipment in the game, players must prepare an adequate amount of Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals.

Genshin Impact Yae Miko's Horoscope Guide

Here are all of Yae Miko's constellations in Genshin Impact, and how they work:


Constellation Level 1 - Chronicles of Kitsune Cohort

Every time the Great Secret Technique activates a sky thunder, Yae Miko will restore 8 points of vitality for herself. This means that when Yae Miko uses her Elemental Burst, each hit of damage it deals restores Elemental Power to Yae Miko, allowing her to use her burst again much faster.


Constellation Level 2 - Hanagasa Manuscript

Yasha Summoning Soul: Killing Sakura's CD is reduced by 20%, and the area attack is increased by 100%. This reduces the cooldown of Yae Miko's elemental skill and doubles its attack range.


Constellation Level 3 - Seven Charms

Yakan Evocation: Sesshou Sakura's level increased by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15. This increases the maximum level of Yae Miko's elemental skills by 3, allowing it to deal more damage.


Constellation Level 4 - Cherry Blossoms

When Seeshou Sakura hits the opponent, the electric damage bonus of all surrounding team members increases by 20% for 5 seconds. When Yae Miko hits her elemental skills, allies who deal Electric damage gain 20% increased damage for 5 seconds.


Constellation Level 5 - Vigorous

The level of the Great Secret Technique is increased by 3 levels, up to a maximum of 15 levels. The element burst level of Yae Miko is increased by 3 levels, and the damage ability is greatly improved.


Constellation Level 6 - Forbidden Art: Great Killer

Sesshou Sakura starts when Lv. 2 is created. The highest level has been increased to 4, and the attack will ignore 60% of the opponent's defense. This greatly increases the damage dealt by Yae Miko's elemental skills, and makes it better at tearing apart enemy defenses.


The information provided above covers every aspect of Yae Miko's constellation in Genshin Impact. Subscribers to Mmorpgm.com can get additional character guides for Genshin Impact.