Following a multiple-day long controversy surrounding gambling on Twitch, the company has released a statement saying that it will be making a policy update on October 18 which will prohibit gambling sites that include slots, roulette, or dice games that "aren't licensed either in the US or other jurisdictions" from being streamed on the platform. However, Twitch does state that sites that include sports betting, fantasy sports, and poker will not be affected by these changes.

That information comes after Twitch streamer ItsSliker recorded confession video on Saturday revealing that he had scammed his enthusiasts and different streamers to the track of $200,000 which he spent on skins in his Counter-Strike: International Offensive dependancy. The previous group member admits that he lied to different customers that his checking account was locked quicker than asking them for cash.

Other popular gambling streams on Twitch, notably from xQc and Trainwreckstv, have featured sites like in the past. Various sites also sponsor streamers to gamble on the platform. In response, xQc stated in a tweet that he and another content creator named Ludwig will pay back those who were scammed if they show proof that their money was taken.

Some of Twitch's biggest streamers then got involved including Ludwig, xQc, and Mizkif, who are working to repay the fans that were scammed by ItsSliker. Other streamers such as Devin Nash and Pokimane also involved themselves, as the two along with Mizkif revealed plans to take a break from streaming during the holiday period in order to force Twitch into action.

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